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Download the Cut the Rope game for iPhone

In this era, when all puzzles and puzzles are similar and do not have a new idea for introducing players, the Cut the Rope game has been able to make a big contribution to the puzzle game, And its cartoon graphics have been able to reach over hundreds of millions of downloads in a variety of ways and bring a great win to a good builder studio.

General + Summaries:
The speed of action and accuracy in this game are the first thing you should do in Cut the Rope with the focus and precision you have cut the rope attached to that candy and put it into the mouth of the character of the game, which is a lovely monster, the game has There are a lot of different stages in the beginning of the game, you can walk the steps one by one, but as you advance in the game, the stages become harder and more complicated, and you need to be more precise and focused to overcome them. One of the distinctive features of Cut the Rope is the simulation of real physics in the game, which you will fully understand the weight of the game, as well as the bonus elements that will be given to you every step of the way.

Key features of the game:
Innovative and addictive gameplay
Graphic and visually appealing and eye-catching visuals
Varied and high stages, more than 350 stages!
Saudi gameplay is a rational and attractive game
Realistic physics of the game
Elegant and attractive awards
Cut the Rope is an intriguing and innovative game that has many users around the world. If you’re interested in Journey games, do not miss the Cut the Rope.

The Cut the Rope game now runs 4.3 out of 5.0 in iTunes and has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 in the PlayStation. What are you waiting for? You can now download the Cut the Rope game absolutely free of charge from the Parsi Game website.

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