Supplementation for hair growth causes hair loss and bloating?

Hair growth supplements have a lot of fans, but usually some consumers have misconceptions about these supplements, which are the most common misconceptions in this regard.

What are the misconceptions about hair growth supplements?

Despite the abundance of beauty products, hair enhancers and hair loss, the marketplace is very hot in the face of the rumors and misconceptions. There are a lot of misunderstandings and contradictions about the outcome and effectiveness of this category of health products, the further review of which is unprotected and may respond to many consumer questions. In the following, we'll focus on this and make it clearer by understanding the misconceptions about consuming different types of vitamins and supplements.

The first misconception is that hair loss is increased if hair growth supplements are discontinued

On the contrary, prescription medicines or over-the-counter prescriptions for hair growth, the use of nourishing and non-medicated vitamin supplements will not cause you to lose your hair immediately after discontinuation. In fact, these vitamins and supplements, through the blood vessels and blood circulation, nourish and enhance the excellent form of root and onion, making the hair more and more healthy in the natural cycle. So no use can be harmful to the hair.

Of course, it should be noted that the lack of use of these products and the shortage of vitamins needed by your body can be a cause of hair loss in the long term.

Secondly misunderstood: The use of supplements for hair growth increases the amount of hair in the body

Most vitamins for hair growth tend to reinforce the root and onion hair on the head. This is because the growth of other body hair (stroid-like, like beard and male hormones) is very different from that of the hair on the head and acts in a completely different growth cycle. The obvious symptom of this is precisely what can be distinguished from the amount, size, and length of growth of the hair warps of the various parts of the body.

For example, compare the length of a hairbrush to your hair with your hair. Hair cords in other parts of the body can not grow as much hair as possible. The cycle of hair growth lasts for 2 to 7 years, while the cycle continues for other body hair for only a few months.

* Steroid: A type of lipid (actually fat). Steroids are seen in the body of animals and plants. The most common type of steroid in the human body is called cholesterol. In addition, in the human body, steroids are seen as hormones like estrogen, testosterone and cortisol (stress hormone).

Thirdly misunderstood: using hair growth supplements causes welds

Some people suspect they will boil in different areas of the body, along with the use of these supplements, especially the biotin (vitamin B7, sometimes referred to as vitamin H). There is little evidence in this regard that biotin is a major cause of this complication.

Lifestyle, stress, hormonal changes, and age can have a far greater role in this regard than taking vitamin. If stress is the cause of your hair loss, it can also be the cause of boiling. In addition, in rare cases, the use of vitamin B provides a boil in the body. In most cases, consumers believe that in just a few weeks after taking these supplements and adjusting to these supplements, the bouts are generally lost.

Remember that none of these types of vitamins and supplements are miraculous, these products help to strengthen your hair and find the highest capacity for better growth and more. These products contain a large amount of vitamins needed by your body, and as their function is through the bloodstream and your hair is not the most important part in getting and deficient in the body's defective vitamins, it may take longer than these vitamins Go to the hair that is your main goal. So you should be patient and patient in taking them.

Important note! If you are taking any medications due to drug interactions, consult your physician before using any of these supplements and vitamins.

Causes of acne and ways to cope

Beauty has become an important issue, and even a source of income, and many people, sometimes big modeling companies, have been busy with earning money and even earning a reputation through the beauty of women, especially beautiful and uniform faces. For this reason, acne or bloating can be uncomfortable in most people. Depending on the severity of acne, it can cause nervous and stress problems, followed by lower self-confidence, lack of presence in the community. That's why there are always ways to eliminate and eliminate acne depending on the causes of it.

Acne or pimples occurs when the follicles of the hair are filled with fat and dead skin cells. Hair follicles are attached to the sebaceous glands (fatty). These glands secrete a type of fat called sebum, which makes the skin and hair wet and moisturize. The sebum usually rises along with the hair from the skin and then leaves the pores of the hair follicles and goes to the surface of the skin. When your body secretes more than enough sebum, along with the dead cells of the skin, the hair follicles accumulate and create a bacterial environment. This accumulation can cause the follicle wall to vapor and cause the welding of a ceramic or open it, and the formation of blackheads.

Factors that exacerbate acne on the face and body:

1) Hormones

Androgen hormones that increase during pregnancy and puberty using contraceptive pills increase sebum, resulting in worsening or increasing bouts.

2) Special medications for acne and acne, and special remedies

Medications containing corticosteroids, androgens or lithium can also cause acne.

3) Diet

Researchers believe that some high-carbohydrate foods like fast food can cause this.

4) Cosmetics

Some types of cosmetics, especially those that are greasy and oily, increase the likelihood of acne.

5) Stress

Note that stress does not cause boiling, but if you have stress, your boils or acne gets worse.

We will continue to introduce a variety of acne treatments that may be used.

جوش و آکنه

1) Simple local treatments

Simple topical treatments include the use of solutions and products that help reduce blemishes by killing bacteria and eliminating dead cells.

2) Local prescription therapies

If your pimples are not improved following simple local treatment, you can use combination medications or a variety of medications and solutions that are prescribed by your doctor.

3) Antibiotic treatments

An abnormal period of antibiotic use may be required in cases of intense boils.

4) Isotretinoin treatment

These medicines are used to cure acne or acne that does not respond to common treatments. Due to the serious side effects of these drugs, it is always necessary to consult the doctor during treatment.

5) contraceptive pills

Some of these medications can help boost the womans.

6) Isotherapy and phototherapy

In laser treatments, damage to the glands reduces lipid secretion and destroys bacteria that cause inflammation of the bouts.

Reducing bouts can be reduced by following the following:

Avoid thick makeup

Wipe off the makeup before bed


Take a shower after exercise or sweating

Wash your skin firmly and use a mild detergent

Eating fruits and vegetables

Avoid hot environments

Use sunscreen

Eliminating moles with natural and effective methods!

Removing teeth is one of the things you can do to replace natural treatments with chemical treatments. Following are some of the ways that they are said to be effective in removing mites with herbal medicines.

Removing moles with herbal medicines and home remedies

By searching the internet, you will be faced with a lot of ways to get rid of botanical and home remedies. But are these methods effective and not risky? Germs are formed due to the accumulation of skin cells. These clusters initially form a fleshy broom. Then, over time, the pigmentation becomes darker and becomes brown or black. Germs are not normally harmful, but patches with strange shapes, color changes, or new ones, need to be further reviewed at an adult's age. A lot of botanicals and home remedies have been introduced to eliminate moles.

Most of these methods have not been proven, and in some cases, they may have harm to the body. In the following, we will discuss some of the ways outlined here, as well as some of the risks of herbal remedies and home remedies. Note that these methods are intended solely to increase general information and that each of them should be done in consultation with the doctor in order to minimize the probability of any problems.

Eliminating Garlic Milk

Place a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the mole on your skin. You can also use cover strips around your teaspoon, because the garlic extract can burn the skin.

You can squeeze a garlic clover to make it dumplings and then put it on your teaspoon. You can also use garlic extract and apply it using a cork or cotton pad. Then cover it and leave it for 4 hours. Do this 3 times a day. Be sure to keep the spot open before bedtime.

Removing moles with tea tree oil

Oily tea tree oil is used to remove mites with herbal medicines. Tea tree oil is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Some people claim that the use of tea oil a few times a day for a period will cause the cessation of the tears. Be careful not to spoil the tea tree oil! Because it is dangerous and toxic.

Removing moles with lemon juice

Using lemon juice a few times a day can cause whitening.

Removing moles with potatoes

Potatoes have whitening properties. Although the use of potatoes may not completely eliminate moles, it may help over time to mist.

Removing moles with condensed milk

To remove mites with herbal medicines, frankincense is one of the options. The oil can be peeled off and the skin dry. Hence, fans of this plant claim that the use of thistle oil can react with wet cells, causing it to dry, fall and fall.

Removing Mole With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains many well-known skin ingredients. Some people believe that long-term use of Aloe Vera helps to eliminate spots. You can apply the plant or product produced on it to your skin. Of course, it is necessary to ensure that it does not have an allergy before using it.

Removing moles with coconut oil

Coconut oil may help other skin problems, but there are no studies to show that it can help eliminate spots. However, some people believe that the amount of moles is reduced if used daily.

Neck skin and 6 dermatologist advices to know for neck care

In the skin care debate, most women only care about their face skin, but the neck skin is also thin and sensitive. Following is the advice of a skilled caregiver.

We all often forget to care for our neck. When it comes to skin care, many people focus on the skin on their faces, but forget their neck, while the neck is also visible.

This is a mistake that Joanne Evans, one of the leading skin care professionals, and his team at Skin Matters Clinic often see.

6 things you need to know about neck skin care:

1. Your neck is thinner than your face skin

You may not recognize this, but your neck skin is actually very thin, so cervical skin care is very important.

Joanne says: "Collagen neck skin is not much to protect and the damage from the sun is worse in this part.Flexibility and muscle changes in the neck occur sooner than the case.Mommy always taught me that the end portion of the chest face It is not the jaw line, and this is the mistake that many women make. You should also put your neck on the list of home care and home care treatments, especially in the winter. "

2. Scarfs are not your friend's neck

"You might imagine wrapping a large woolen scarf around the neck is the best thing you can do, but in fact you're wrong, although closing the neck scarf is the most common response to the cold of the winter," Joanne says. They can dry the neck skin properly. "

It is clear that we do not recommend forgetting your beautiful winter clothes, but just know that under this condition, the skin of the neck will need more water.

Joanne says: "The neck area has almost too much fat, so do not worry about heavy creams (dry skin creams) and scarves with natural and soft fibers."

3. You should clean your neck as well as your face.

If you are accustomed to using cleansing and water-based products for your face, Joan says it's time to change your cleansing and washing methods.

"Face and neck washings with a mild cleanser before using cosmetics for the day is best for the skin," she says. If you have the habit of combining the fundaments in the neck area during makeup, I propose that at night and Before bed, use a cleaner or double cleaner to wash. "

Foundation Foundation: For smoothing, smoothing and covering the facial wounds from foundation or underarm make-up.

"Only one rinse is not enough to ensure that the skin is completely clean, especially at night, I recommend a double or double double cleaner, and then use a creamy cream. "

Do not rub the neck hard and avoid pulling the skin. For gentle cleansing and beautiful creams, use gentle upward gestures. This method is not only for removing any cosmetics, but also for removing the perfumes used in this section.

4. Avoid scrub on the neck

According to Joan, one of the biggest mistakes people use is peeling or scrub scrub for the neck.

Exfoliators may be very good for peeling skin, but they are often harsh for areas with a thin skin, such as the neck. Since the neck is more sensitive, glycolic glycolic can be peeled off once a week.

* Glycolic acid: The chemical formula C2H4O3 is an alpha-hydroxy acid with a molecular weight of 76.05 g / mol. It is a colorless, water-soluble, water-absorbent (hygroscopic) product that is used in soft, delicate skin creams.

In addition, Joanne suggests using retinol retinol in the neck section once a week, especially in the winter.

* Retinol retinol: Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that is used as an anti-aging agent and is seen in most skin care products. It can stimulate the metabolism of skin cells and increase collagen production.

5. Use the right perfume

Some of us do not take our perfume or cologne and do not wet our neck, we will not leave the house. However, according to Joan, this is not the right thing, because spraying colognes around the neck helps to change skin color and skin Makes it more sensitive to sunlight. Instead, it is advisable to spray a little bit of perfume or scent behind your ears, where the skin is less visible.

6. Accept cold with its anti-aging effects.

"Anti-aging is one of the common issues that many people come to see me because of it. I always recommend using a cold mask at home," Joan said.

Joanne continues to say that if there is not enough time to use the mask, there are even faster solutions.
He explains, "I personally sweep my face and neck everyday in ice water, because it reduces the symptoms of aging."

Homemade mask for brilliant, shiny and beautiful hair

Having brilliant and beautiful hair is one of the most beautiful secrets for women. In this article, you will introduce two natural masks to brighten your hair. Come along with us

A few effective masks for shining hair

Olive oil mask for shining hair

Eggs: 2 pcs

Olive oil: 6 tbsp

Stir well the eggs together.

Add olive oil and stir until it is completely homogeneous.

Put this mixture on your hair and massage. Then cover the hair with a plastic mask and wash your hair after 30 minutes.

Coconut Oil Mask for shining hair

This hair mask does not need to be combined. Just put some coconut oil in your palms and paint your hair. It is best to do this at night before bedtime and wash your hair the next morning.

Herbal for quick hair growth

It's not always expensive to use high-quality chemicals to have hair shrunken and increase your hair growth, but you can achieve the same results using a variety of herbal remedies for fast hair growth.

Everyone wants to have thick, tall, thick hair. Unfortunately, hair loss and hair disorder are common problems that people face. Lifestyle changes, contamination, and counterfeit hair products are among the issues that cause these problems. If you want to find an effective, safe and easy solution to your hair growth problems, reading this article can help you because we will introduce a variety of botanicals and herbal remedies for quick hair growth.

What are the factors affecting hair growth?

How your hair grows depends on a number of factors and how they evolve and interact with each other. Here is a list of factors affecting hair loss:


An unhealthy diet leads to a lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins

Weak immune system

Hormonal imbalance

Physical stress on the hair

Environmental factors, such as seasonal changes, atmospheric pollution, and intense sunlight

Psychological issues such as stress, trauma and anxiety

Taking antidepressants and blood thinners

Sudden weight loss

And so many other factors!

With this in mind, your hair should be strengthened with a proper diet and supplements. For this, you can use herbal remedies that are cheaper than non-human medicines and treatments.

There are many herbal remedies that are very useful for hair growth. We will teach you some of them.

Introducing several herbal remedies for fast hair growth

1 Olive oil or coconut oil

Pour the biotech pill and mix the powder with olive oil or coconut oil.

Massage the scalp with this mixture and put it on your head one night.

Rinse your hair in the morning.

This hair mask can be used twice a week.


Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin B found in green leafy vegetables. Lack of it can cause hair loss. With these supplements, you can strengthen hair follicles and make your hair healthier.

2 Use coconut oil and lemon to grow hair

Materials needed: Seven to eight capsules of vitamin E, coconut oil and sour lemon

Preparation method

Pour the capsule thoroughly and place the oil in a small bowl and add lemon to this mixture.

Apply this oil to your scalp and hold it overnight

The next day, wash your hair and hair with a gentle shampoo for smooth, smooth hair.


Vitamin E is used as a home remedy for hair growth of different ages. Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and helps fight free radicals. This vitamin increases the oxygen in the body and circulates in the scalp. Regular massage of the head with this oil increases hair growth and reduces hair loss and hair loss. This will make your hair smoother.

3 Red onion is a herbal remedy for fast hair growth

Preparation method

Cut the onion and split it into pieces.

Press the onion parts to get water.

Apply onion with a cork and keep it on top of your head for 15 minutes.

Finally, wash your hair with a shampoo.

You can apply onion onion once a week to get the results you want.


Sulfur-rich onion boosts collagen production in the tissues and helps to grow hair. This material is one of the oldest and most effective home remedies for hair growth.

How to deal with infertility stress?

There are feelings that you can not judge about it or make a copy for others without being in that condition. For example, stress and stress that an infertile man or woman experiences is not just due to the problem of infertility. Sometimes some kind of friendly appearance is harder for these people than infertility problems. Let's see how stress affects infertility infertility and how to manage these feelings.

Thoughts that forbid dreaming
The stress of infertility and the distressing thoughts experienced by infertile people begins their own minds. Ever since you or your spouse are infertile, you are constantly thinking; what happens next, if the answer is again negative, what steps should be taken, What should be the answer to the family's questions and the hundreds of negative thoughts you will receive from you. Specifically, when you see a young couple who have a son, there are more questions in your mind and you are finally saying to yourself: Why me!

Put that key in your mind that you are only able to control the things you can do. For everything that's out of control, use all your power, but eventually try to get rid of it. Infertile people constantly think of the feelings of pity and judgment of others about themselves, and bitter life to their own selves. Remember to be fertile, people always have something to say. In this condition, meditation and yoga are among the things that come to your aid in controlling negative and disturbing thoughts.

Pain like cancer
Men and women report different responses to stress infertility. These stresses and stress in women are more than men. Researchers say the emotional experience experienced by an infertile woman is like a cancer experience. In addition, drugs used to treat women with infertility create conditions such as women's menstruation. In this situation, women tend to tear and experience depression and grief.

The Impact of Infertility on Marital Relationships
It's better to be honest with yourself and accept the reality with all its bitterness. Whether you like it or not, you do not like the stress of infertility on the feelings you have about yourself and even your marital affairs. Even this may have an effect on the overall perception of life. But knowing these facts should not make you lose hands and let your marital relationship or self-confidence get hurt. Talk about your feelings about your feelings and tell him about the feelings and stress you are experiencing. Think of alternatives like childbirth or treatment abroad.

Focus on other things
Do not let stress infertility take you all the time. List your favorite things and interests and focus on other things in your life. For a while, forget about your infertility and stop waiting. Just look at your thoughts as an observer and get involved with the affairs of your life again.

Get the support of others
If you are undergoing pregnancy tests and treatments, you should be more careful about your family or friendship than ever. For example, it's possible to limit the relationship with those who own the child or friends who constantly ask questions about your treatment. Of course, temporary withdrawal from friendly teams is not a logical solution to the stress of infertility. This solution can respond for a period of time for the periods when your tension and stress come out of control, but in the long run you have to face the truth and resume your family and friendship.

Mobility promotes the release of endorphins, which are the hormone of happiness, and greatly reduces infertility stress. In this case, it's easier to face challenges and challenges. Particularly strolling, which is an unconventional and less costly exercise, it can help you in this state of affairs. If you go to a sports club and are currently being treated for infertility, be sure to tell this to your instructor because your instructor may forbid some kind of exercise and vice versa to suggest specific moves for your situation.

Time crying
These days, psychologists have their own strategies for every kind of pain. You may have heard from many that you should not cry and cry no pain. Crying is a natural reaction to reduce the effects of grief, so you can sometimes use it to improve your health. Consider even a specific time for grieving and evacuation. For example, sit in a quiet place away from disturbing sounds and evacuate yourself. But for that, you have to take the final time and not spend all your days in your life. Associate with your favorite pastime along with tears. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, listen to your favorite music, or contact a friend or dear friend with whom you feel good.