13 questions pregnant women about beauty

Pregnancy does not mean forgetting yourself. Many women during their pregnancy and afterwards notice their child so much that they completely forget about themselves. But we must not forget that women are women before they are mothers and they need a freshness and beauty. This week we are going to point out some of the beans and beauty in pregnancy. The number of bees is more than not necessary, so do not leave them under the pretext of pregnancy.

1- Color and decalcify

If you used to color your hair before you were pregnant, there is no problem visiting the hair stylist during the pregnancy to paint the hair. Preferably do not scald or blond hair. However, color does not only create a problem, but if you do not color your hair before pregnancy, do not do this during pregnancy, because the skin is more sensitive at this time and may be more severe in the face of chemical reactions.

2- Anti-shock worms

Near the fourth month of pregnancy, it may gradually appear on the legs, abdomen and hands in white or pinkish color. Of course, this is not true for all pregnant women and depends on the amount of skin tightening. To prevent these fatalities that will no longer disappear, it is better to use the anti-infectives of pregnant women from the first month of pregnancy.

3- Epilation

Pregnancy epilation has no obstacles and it even seems necessary sometimes. Choose the best method that is compatible with your body and be careful not only about the use of warm wax, but also to the beauty specialist.

4. Skin sack

A sachet is necessary to revitalize the skin and remove dead cells from it. During pregnancy, try to use softer bags and do not do this for a long time. It is also recommended that you do not have your face packed during this period because your face is prone to being prone to pregnancy.

5. Slimming drugs

Pregnancy is not a good time to lose weight. It is best to use weight loss creams or any other method of lactation after delivery.

6. Bathing

Many women like to sleep well to relax in the tub. During pregnancy, this has nothing to do with the condition that the temperature of the water is not high (up to 37 degrees centigrade). Hot water affects the blood vessels of the leg and causes pregnant women to feel uneasy after getting out of the water. The best thing to do is to relax your feet in the cool after you've finished bathing.

7- Visit to massage centers

Many people are accustomed to going to a massage therapist once a week to get tired out of their body. This is also possible during pregnancy. It's interesting to know that there are special massages for pregnant women and especially for their legs. Of course, do not forget that you should go before a professional masseur.

8. Use of industrial oils

The use of industrial oils during pregnancy is prohibited without prescription. Because these oils make a damper on the skin and prevent skin respiration, they can also be a cause of allergy. Use a moisturizing cream or vegetable oils to massage your teeth.

9. Use of Ointments

As the summer approaches, many people like tanning their skin. The use of ointment creams on the face and skin during pregnancy is possible.

10. Use Solarium

So far, there is enough talk about the health of the solarium, but if you are one of those people who are interested in tanning in solarium cabinets, it's advisable to leave this during pregnancy. The warm air inside these cabins is harmful to your blood vessels.

11- Going to the sauna

Heat causes blood flow to the vessels and increases heart rate, but if you want to go to the sauna, go to your doctor first to check your heart's condition.


Pregnancy does not cause you to be angry with the sun, but keep in mind that during the warm hours of the day, do not get too much sunlight, and do not forget to use sunscreens. Cover your face with a rug and watch out for sunburn.

13. Make up your skin

The use of makeup tools during pregnancy has no problem, but women should be advised to use non-leaded makeup items.
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