Basic Tips On Nail Manicure In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, moms find a very high sensitivity to things that were not taken care of before, and these sensitivities are limited to eating foods or daily exercise. Use of cosmetics is part of the life of women and during pregnancy, the issue of make-up can become a concern. In this article, we will examine more precisely the manicure during pregnancy to see if it is harmless and what should be done.

There are a lot of things to think about during pregnancy, but the first question is whether this is safe? This question definitely refers to a lot of things in our lives, from food, sports and marital relationships to even beauty and beauty habits including nail manicure and pedicure, or caring for the health of the hands and feet.

Some women have a regular nail polish or hand massage program. But there are those who sometimes do these things, for example when they want to attend certain ceremonies. Manicures and pedicures can be a great way to get rid of stress and tension even at a low rate.

Many women in their third trimester of pregnancy refer to beauty parlors for pedicure, because it's hard to make nicks on their own during this period. Whether you are looking for nail polish, nail polish or nail extensions, your goal is to enjoy yourself in this setting and do not worry.

In short, the answer is yes: manicure and pedicure of nails during pregnancy are safe. However, there are details about doing things that might be true of you, depending on which beauty salon you are looking for and who will provide these nail beauty services.

5 Essential Tips On Nailing Manicure During Pregnancy
All beauty salons are not the same in terms of how to work or manage, so the more issues you should consider when getting nail beauty services include:

Condition of the hall
The ventilation system installed in the nail beauty salon is important because, if there are other chemicals in the environment that are used by other customers in the hall, you may automatically breathe these chemicals.

You should have fresh air for breathing. Items that do not matter in this regard include small desktop flushes, air spray and other items in the ventilation system that only work the air inside the hall. Open windows, manicure tables that have an internal ventilation system, and special systems that send dust and air vapor outside the hall are among the best options for refreshing the ambient air. If you do not know what kind of air conditioning system you use, ask them about this.

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Avoid eating or drinking in beauty salons
Eating or drinking while attending beauty salon is another factor for exposure to chemicals used in the hall, even if these materials are not used in your requested service.

Ask about the type of chemicals used
The nail beauty salon staff or owner should be able to accurately explain to you what types of chemicals are provided in the beauty services. Different beauty services utilize a variety of chemicals such as acetone, toluene, formaldehyde and so on.

You can refrain from services in which your products are suspected of being safe, and you can also ask the salon staff to show you a non-hazardous certificate of fixed chemicals used in their services (MSDS). This sheet will provide you with information about the usual risks of using any of these chemicals.

Use a non-chemical manicure
If you are in doubt, you can ask the salon staff not to use any chemicals on your nails. You can also bring your own special lacquer and lotion.

Time to visit beauty salon nail
It depends on two factors, one of which is one of the days you choose to go to the beauty salon, and the other is the time at which your pregnancy is located. If you are really worried about this, then you will never go to beauty centers in the first trimester of pregnancy because it is when exposure to the chemicals poses the most risk to your baby and about the time you have chosen to go to the gym. It's better to ask the salon officials if it's a way to go early in the day to avoid having to stay in the long run and confronting a large number of customers who may be requesting other services.

Check your risk
Keep in mind that nail beauty salons are regularly inspected by health authorities to ensure they are clean and hygienic. The way each salon works is slightly different from the rest, but the nail beauty equipment should be sterilized and sterilized by the customers.
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