Causes of acne and ways to cope

Beauty has become an important issue, and even a source of income, and many people, sometimes big modeling companies, have been busy with earning money and even earning a reputation through the beauty of women, especially beautiful and uniform faces. For this reason, acne or bloating can be uncomfortable in most people. Depending on the severity of acne, it can cause nervous and stress problems, followed by lower self-confidence, lack of presence in the community. That's why there are always ways to eliminate and eliminate acne depending on the causes of it.

Acne or pimples occurs when the follicles of the hair are filled with fat and dead skin cells. Hair follicles are attached to the sebaceous glands (fatty). These glands secrete a type of fat called sebum, which makes the skin and hair wet and moisturize. The sebum usually rises along with the hair from the skin and then leaves the pores of the hair follicles and goes to the surface of the skin. When your body secretes more than enough sebum, along with the dead cells of the skin, the hair follicles accumulate and create a bacterial environment. This accumulation can cause the follicle wall to vapor and cause the welding of a ceramic or open it, and the formation of blackheads.

Factors that exacerbate acne on the face and body:

1) Hormones

Androgen hormones that increase during pregnancy and puberty using contraceptive pills increase sebum, resulting in worsening or increasing bouts.

2) Special medications for acne and acne, and special remedies

Medications containing corticosteroids, androgens or lithium can also cause acne.

3) Diet

Researchers believe that some high-carbohydrate foods like fast food can cause this.

4) Cosmetics

Some types of cosmetics, especially those that are greasy and oily, increase the likelihood of acne.

5) Stress

Note that stress does not cause boiling, but if you have stress, your boils or acne gets worse.

We will continue to introduce a variety of acne treatments that may be used.

جوش و آکنه

1) Simple local treatments

Simple topical treatments include the use of solutions and products that help reduce blemishes by killing bacteria and eliminating dead cells.

2) Local prescription therapies

If your pimples are not improved following simple local treatment, you can use combination medications or a variety of medications and solutions that are prescribed by your doctor.

3) Antibiotic treatments

An abnormal period of antibiotic use may be required in cases of intense boils.

4) Isotretinoin treatment

These medicines are used to cure acne or acne that does not respond to common treatments. Due to the serious side effects of these drugs, it is always necessary to consult the doctor during treatment.

5) contraceptive pills

Some of these medications can help boost the womans.

6) Isotherapy and phototherapy

In laser treatments, damage to the glands reduces lipid secretion and destroys bacteria that cause inflammation of the bouts.

Reducing bouts can be reduced by following the following:

Avoid thick makeup

Wipe off the makeup before bed


Take a shower after exercise or sweating

Wash your skin firmly and use a mild detergent

Eating fruits and vegetables

Avoid hot environments

Use sunscreen
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