Having a beautiful and hairy baby by eating a few fruits

We all know that the choice of mother's nutrition during pregnancy affects the baby both physically and mentally, but do you know that mother's eating habits will also help in the creation of a beautiful, beautiful baby during pregnancy. ! Well, there is no definite research behind it, but Baba and Moms follow these myths that their mothers or their husbands have told them, and they also learn their daughters and grandchildren. Having a beautiful child

Having a beautiful baby is more about nutrition and the habits of the mother and, to some extent, of the father, in this part of the damp list we have prepared for you with the aim of having a beautiful and hairy child with a few fruits that pregnant women should have in their diet They have a pregnancy because babies, in addition to having white skin, are very nourishing for babies either in the womb of mothers or in their mother's arms.

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Food for having healthy baby hair

What do we have for having a beautiful baby during pregnancy?

Oranges are the best fruit in pregnancy. Orange is a vitamin C-rich citrus fruit that is very beneficial for the mother and the baby, eating fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C will make the baby look beautiful. It is said that eating 2 oranges daily, in the afternoons, from the first until the eighth month of pregnancy, not only makes the mothers healthy and beautiful, but also the skin of the baby is white and boring, although careful research is in This field does not exist.

9 months of pregnancy

Portugal is one of the best fruits in pregnancy

Each day, with their complete chewing, during pregnancy, it eliminates the mothers' weakness and keeps the child healthy and free of disease.
Treating mothers' weakness during pregnancy with coconut

Pear and Pomegranate:

Even as early as possible, fast morning fasting is one of the fruits of pears, marmaris, apple trees, which are recommended in traditional medicine for having a beautiful child, eating pears by the father also brings about the beauty of the child.
Child beauty by eating pears


As we know, fennel seeds offer amazing effects for our bodies, not only fennel seeds are naturally disinfected, but also antioxidants are also loaded. It is also said that if a pregnant woman He wants a white and healthy baby. If you want a baby with beautiful and beautiful eyes, it is recommended that you do not forget to eat fennel and eels, which should be: lots of fennel seeds.
The amazing effects of fennel consumption for the body
Daily after meals, during the 9 months of your pregnancy

grape juice :

It has hydroxyl-alpha (AHA) acids, grapes are a very important factor in white and healthy skin, so pregnant women who tend to have a beautiful and white child should:

Drink 60 grams fresh grape juice twice a day; this will make your baby healthy and strong and prevent many problems like colds, dental pain, cramps, swelling, acidity and constipation in mothers. As we all know, gooseberry jam is a nutritious pack. It is a common ingredient in Indian medicine treatment of Ayurveda. This juice is a strong source of vitamin C and also contains iron and calcium. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women take some amla marmalade daily.
grape juice
Grape consumption is effective in the beauty and whiteness of the skin
Preferably at breakfast
It is useful for children in the womb and mothers, because they keep them both healthy and strong.
Chicory and what it is useful for the liver makes your child beautiful

Eat chicory to make your blood grown to give you a beautiful baby; olive oil, fish oil, caraway, carrot, barberry, sugar and peppermint is also one of the oldest secrets for having a beautiful baby.

What do we have for having a hairy baby?
7 food that brings healthy hair during pregnancy

It's a dream that can come true, but how? Well, all you have to do is give proper food to your baby while still in your womb. Doctors propose a number of foods that are great for pregnant women; if you want your baby to grow and have stylish hair, class, blond hair or anything else that may surprise you, Take this food during pregnancy. This is the best time to start feeding your baby's future hair. Read the following to find out the secrets to the hair.


Use different types of nuts during pregnancy. Nuts are available in the market. You should talk to your doctor and use American almonds, almonds. These are good sources of biotin.

Never forget your nuts during pregnancy


Nutrients such as proteins and minerals such as iron and zinc are essential for maintaining hair quality. Eggs are one of the most important foods you should take during pregnancy. You can start your day with an egg in your breakfast menu, or eat it with other things with lunch.

Eggs have high and proper protein
Oysters (with doctor's advice)
Oysters are another food used during pregnancy to form good hair in babies. However, it is a seafood, so talk to your doctor before they get into your diet; they are protein, acids, Oily, iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin C are supplied to the body, and this, to maintain
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