How to deal with infertility stress?

There are feelings that you can not judge about it or make a copy for others without being in that condition. For example, stress and stress that an infertile man or woman experiences is not just due to the problem of infertility. Sometimes some kind of friendly appearance is harder for these people than infertility problems. Let's see how stress affects infertility infertility and how to manage these feelings.

Thoughts that forbid dreaming
The stress of infertility and the distressing thoughts experienced by infertile people begins their own minds. Ever since you or your spouse are infertile, you are constantly thinking; what happens next, if the answer is again negative, what steps should be taken, What should be the answer to the family's questions and the hundreds of negative thoughts you will receive from you. Specifically, when you see a young couple who have a son, there are more questions in your mind and you are finally saying to yourself: Why me!

Put that key in your mind that you are only able to control the things you can do. For everything that's out of control, use all your power, but eventually try to get rid of it. Infertile people constantly think of the feelings of pity and judgment of others about themselves, and bitter life to their own selves. Remember to be fertile, people always have something to say. In this condition, meditation and yoga are among the things that come to your aid in controlling negative and disturbing thoughts.

Pain like cancer
Men and women report different responses to stress infertility. These stresses and stress in women are more than men. Researchers say the emotional experience experienced by an infertile woman is like a cancer experience. In addition, drugs used to treat women with infertility create conditions such as women's menstruation. In this situation, women tend to tear and experience depression and grief.

The Impact of Infertility on Marital Relationships
It's better to be honest with yourself and accept the reality with all its bitterness. Whether you like it or not, you do not like the stress of infertility on the feelings you have about yourself and even your marital affairs. Even this may have an effect on the overall perception of life. But knowing these facts should not make you lose hands and let your marital relationship or self-confidence get hurt. Talk about your feelings about your feelings and tell him about the feelings and stress you are experiencing. Think of alternatives like childbirth or treatment abroad.

Focus on other things
Do not let stress infertility take you all the time. List your favorite things and interests and focus on other things in your life. For a while, forget about your infertility and stop waiting. Just look at your thoughts as an observer and get involved with the affairs of your life again.

Get the support of others
If you are undergoing pregnancy tests and treatments, you should be more careful about your family or friendship than ever. For example, it's possible to limit the relationship with those who own the child or friends who constantly ask questions about your treatment. Of course, temporary withdrawal from friendly teams is not a logical solution to the stress of infertility. This solution can respond for a period of time for the periods when your tension and stress come out of control, but in the long run you have to face the truth and resume your family and friendship.

Mobility promotes the release of endorphins, which are the hormone of happiness, and greatly reduces infertility stress. In this case, it's easier to face challenges and challenges. Particularly strolling, which is an unconventional and less costly exercise, it can help you in this state of affairs. If you go to a sports club and are currently being treated for infertility, be sure to tell this to your instructor because your instructor may forbid some kind of exercise and vice versa to suggest specific moves for your situation.

Time crying
These days, psychologists have their own strategies for every kind of pain. You may have heard from many that you should not cry and cry no pain. Crying is a natural reaction to reduce the effects of grief, so you can sometimes use it to improve your health. Consider even a specific time for grieving and evacuation. For example, sit in a quiet place away from disturbing sounds and evacuate yourself. But for that, you have to take the final time and not spend all your days in your life. Associate with your favorite pastime along with tears. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, listen to your favorite music, or contact a friend or dear friend with whom you feel good.
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