How to save your beauty in 9 months of pregnancy

There are red lines for the arrival of pregnant women to the beauty salons that you should be aware of in order to protect your health and your child.

One of your most important tasks during pregnancy is to rest and strengthen yourself, but this is not the reason why you should not stop at all. Maybe others will help us in other things, but leave beauty about beauty and stay tuned. Some people are afraid of some things, such as hair dyeing, sauna, massage, etc. They say that these are harmful during the past. Is it right? In the following, you will find out which of these measures are harmful to your health and your fetus.

hair color
It is true that the color of the hair contains very strong chemicals, but until now, there have been no reports of the effects of hair loss on congenital defects and childhood cancers. Also, when applying the color of the hair, it is not necessary to paint the skin of your head, so the hair dye does not enter into your bloodstream anyway. To make your imagination feel comfortable, you can paint the hair for the second or third consecutive month. Because during this time, most of the main embryos have been formed.

If you used and used to your baby before your pregnancy, you can now tune in, but remember that it is very painful and may be extremely inflamed and burned, especially late in pregnancy. This pain is so severe that it may cause severe contractions that are not good for you if you have not reached 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Manicure and pedicure
Manicure and pedicure will not create any problem for you pregnant woman. Nail polishes do not have strong chemicals, and these materials can not be absorbed from the nail bed, and there is no association between congenital defects and nail polish. Of course, if the beauty salon you have chosen does not have adequate ventilation, you may lose nausea, so try to sit near the window or ventilation system.

Face care
There is no way to prevent skin changes during the 9 months of pregnancy, but can be overcome with these changes. For example, use proper moisturizers. Remember, during this period, do not use microdermabrasion and peppermasters because your skin is very sensitive. When massaging the face, let the beauty specialist know about your allergies to massage materials, and after the first 3 months, be sure to put your pillow on the pillow, because if your whole body is a level, your circulation will slow down and cause dizziness.

You should know that ultraviolet rays exacerbate the effects of pregnancy hormones, in addition to the special Tanning lamps, it is very hot and will have side effects for your fetus. If you've been so creeping in the sun, sit for a few days under sunlight, with a sunscreen covering 15 SPF up.

Whitening teeth
Research into the safety of whitening teeth during pregnancy has not yet been completed. So, it is better not to give birth until you have given birth to your teeth. In addition, during this period, the gums are sensitive and due to hormonal changes, their bleeding is very high.

If the massage is supposed to lie on your abdomen, the massage room should have gut berets. In any case, ask your masseur for odorous oils. Because the smell of massage oils can make you feel nauseated.

Sauna and Jacuzzi
Maybe you can soak in the water, but do not look at the microwave because of its very high water temperature. Fill a bath or a large oven with lukewarm water and sit in it. High temperatures, especially in the first 3 months, can have serious and dangerous effects. In addition, in the jacuzzi only your head is out of the water. In the tub, the knees, arms and shoulders are out of the water. It is recommended to leave the sauna until the end of pregnancy. In addition, due to the fact that it is laced, there is a possibility of losing balance.
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