Neck skin and 6 dermatologist advices to know for neck care

In the skin care debate, most women only care about their face skin, but the neck skin is also thin and sensitive. Following is the advice of a skilled caregiver.

We all often forget to care for our neck. When it comes to skin care, many people focus on the skin on their faces, but forget their neck, while the neck is also visible.

This is a mistake that Joanne Evans, one of the leading skin care professionals, and his team at Skin Matters Clinic often see.

6 things you need to know about neck skin care:

1. Your neck is thinner than your face skin

You may not recognize this, but your neck skin is actually very thin, so cervical skin care is very important.

Joanne says: "Collagen neck skin is not much to protect and the damage from the sun is worse in this part.Flexibility and muscle changes in the neck occur sooner than the case.Mommy always taught me that the end portion of the chest face It is not the jaw line, and this is the mistake that many women make. You should also put your neck on the list of home care and home care treatments, especially in the winter. "

2. Scarfs are not your friend's neck

"You might imagine wrapping a large woolen scarf around the neck is the best thing you can do, but in fact you're wrong, although closing the neck scarf is the most common response to the cold of the winter," Joanne says. They can dry the neck skin properly. "

It is clear that we do not recommend forgetting your beautiful winter clothes, but just know that under this condition, the skin of the neck will need more water.

Joanne says: "The neck area has almost too much fat, so do not worry about heavy creams (dry skin creams) and scarves with natural and soft fibers."

3. You should clean your neck as well as your face.

If you are accustomed to using cleansing and water-based products for your face, Joan says it's time to change your cleansing and washing methods.

"Face and neck washings with a mild cleanser before using cosmetics for the day is best for the skin," she says. If you have the habit of combining the fundaments in the neck area during makeup, I propose that at night and Before bed, use a cleaner or double cleaner to wash. "

Foundation Foundation: For smoothing, smoothing and covering the facial wounds from foundation or underarm make-up.

"Only one rinse is not enough to ensure that the skin is completely clean, especially at night, I recommend a double or double double cleaner, and then use a creamy cream. "

Do not rub the neck hard and avoid pulling the skin. For gentle cleansing and beautiful creams, use gentle upward gestures. This method is not only for removing any cosmetics, but also for removing the perfumes used in this section.

4. Avoid scrub on the neck

According to Joan, one of the biggest mistakes people use is peeling or scrub scrub for the neck.

Exfoliators may be very good for peeling skin, but they are often harsh for areas with a thin skin, such as the neck. Since the neck is more sensitive, glycolic glycolic can be peeled off once a week.

* Glycolic acid: The chemical formula C2H4O3 is an alpha-hydroxy acid with a molecular weight of 76.05 g / mol. It is a colorless, water-soluble, water-absorbent (hygroscopic) product that is used in soft, delicate skin creams.

In addition, Joanne suggests using retinol retinol in the neck section once a week, especially in the winter.

* Retinol retinol: Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that is used as an anti-aging agent and is seen in most skin care products. It can stimulate the metabolism of skin cells and increase collagen production.

5. Use the right perfume

Some of us do not take our perfume or cologne and do not wet our neck, we will not leave the house. However, according to Joan, this is not the right thing, because spraying colognes around the neck helps to change skin color and skin Makes it more sensitive to sunlight. Instead, it is advisable to spray a little bit of perfume or scent behind your ears, where the skin is less visible.

6. Accept cold with its anti-aging effects.

"Anti-aging is one of the common issues that many people come to see me because of it. I always recommend using a cold mask at home," Joan said.

Joanne continues to say that if there is not enough time to use the mask, there are even faster solutions.
He explains, "I personally sweep my face and neck everyday in ice water, because it reduces the symptoms of aging."
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