Suggestions for maintaining beauty during pregnancy

Tricks for preserving beauty during pregnancy
During pregnancy, with increased weight and apparent changes, the sensitivity of the mothers to the appearance of the beauty is increased. It's perfectly natural for you as a mother to change your face during pregnancy. Pregnancy

Your face may swell. Pain and pimples may appear on the face of the skin as a result of pregnancy. Acne pimples, of course, are unlikely to appear in the prone skin and disrupt your nerves. It is, however, natural that you go to cosmetics. However, you want to keep your beauty, and of course this is your right, but the other side should think about the little one that's nourishing you. Your health is more important to you than anything else in this world. Other than this ?! So, it's a good idea for a mother to be fully informed during pregnancy every step you take.

Beauty during pregnancy
Now, more than ever, your body needs nutritious foods to eat, especially breakfast. Drinking plenty of water to fill the baby's amniotic fluid and eating a few small meals a day is good for morning sickness for pregnant women.

دوران بارداری ، بارداری

The people around us consider a pregnant woman beautiful and so beautiful, so you should look at this yourself. Here are tips on how to get pregnant.

1. Be careful about yourself now! Take care of your skin and your body. Put more time on your hair. Maybe you can try new models or new colors.
More time than before, assign yourself a makeup. Of course, the amount of makeup should not be too high.

pregnancy period

Make your skin more important for your beauty during pregnancy
2. You can make your own clothes or give them your clothes. Try to wear your own jersey, which is preferably not a button, under clothing. It is suitable for you to be free from the front and to show off the back of your body.

3. Buy shoes that are comfortable and have no heel or the bed is not lizz. The shoe that has special designs and beautiful tweezers on it is even more impressive.

4-Wear cashmere, in the form of a shawl or velvet. The velvet stuff is better. Wear happy colors.

5. Ribbed underwear, because it is very important to the health of your limbs and the shoulders and back of your body.

6. Enjoy yourself. Unemployment and loneliness, relax and listen to music. If the people around you want to loose, then let's do it.

7. As you can enjoy this era, it's just nine months longer.

8. Do not hide new posts in your body. Be proud of your new limb.

Tips and warnings of pregnancy
If you are still not persuading you to get pregnant, know that due to hormones of pregnancy, during this period your nails will grow more and your hair will fall less. Your skin will become clearer due to the increased flow of blood and hormones in the body.
During this period, your spouse and your relatives will pay more attention to you. Pay attention to your weight and health. Exercise is very important at this time. Have confidence. If you are upset by someone or something, direct him to the topic and state the reason.
Use vitamins E, lotions or special gels. Apply on your abdomen to prevent itching and drying your skin. Do not wear tights.
Before taking any kind of lotion, paint, cream or oil, consult your doctor and ensure that the harmlessness of the ingredients within it is for the baby.
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